Money Manager Review Rankings 2013 Q4! (02/7/2014)

Money Manager Review ranks New Century's ILCG and Growth Program 6th and 12th, respectively, in the U.S. Equity Large Cap Growth Category for twelve-month returns for the period ending December 31, 2013 (printout of February 7, 2014).

We voluntarily submit data to Money Manager Review and other professional investment manager databases. According to Money Manager Review: "For a quarter century, Money Manager Review has been the definitive guide to money managers. MMR provides completely unbiased, in-depth analysis on hundreds of the world’s leading private money managers. Thousands of high net worth individuals, consultants, plan sponsors, and foundations rely on MMR to compare, rank and analyze private money managers."

Money Manager Review also ranked the ILCG 18th for the five-year period. Further, it ranked the Growth Program in the U.S. Equity Large Cap Growth Category top 50 for the three- and five-year periods and 29th for the ten-year return.

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