Money Manager Review Rankings (04/26/2011)

Money Manager Review  ranked New Century's Institutional Large Cap Growth Program ("ILCG") and Growth Program 3rd and 7th, respectively, in the U.S. Equity Large Cap Growth Category for one-year returns through the first quarter of 2011 (printout of April 25, 2011).  

We voluntarily submit data to Money Manager Review and other professional investment manager databases.  According to Money Manager Review (and we would take their sales puffing with a barrel of salt):  "For a quarter century, Money Manager Review has been the definitive guide to money managers.  MMR provides completely unbiased, in-depth analysis on hundreds of the world’s leading private money managers.  Thousands of high net worth individuals, consultants, plan sponsors, and foundations rely on MMR to compare, rank and analyze private money managers."

Money Manager Review also included the ILCG in its top 50 Large Cap Growth Category rankings for the three-year period, and the Growth Program for several longer time periods. 

The Growth Program composite began in 1995, and has a track record longer than 15 years.  The ILCG's track record is slightly over 3 years, but it uses the same stock picking system as the Growth Program with sector weightings set relative to a different benchmark and institutional constraints.  Frankly, the track record for both products is still recovering from the 2008 market plunge, an extraordinary period during which our quantitative and fundamental stock picking were both ineffective. 

Past performance is no guarantee of future success.